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“I am running for re-election to continue to work on common-sense solutions and continue Oklahoma’s Turnaround!”

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About Jessica

My name is Jessica Garvin. I am a local businesswoman that is committed to the vision of making Oklahoma a Top 10 State. We must capitalize on the momentum of the past four years and push for even more meaningful changes to build a better future for Oklahoma. 

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Accomplishments at the Capitol

✓ Protected women’s sports

✓ Protected children from abuse and neglect 

✓ Protected the life of the unborn

✓ Reduced access to marijuana for minors 

✓ Encouraged workforce development 

✓ Supported small businesses and grew manufacturing jobs in our communities 

✓ Offered paid maternity leave for state employees 

✓ Election security

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I will continue to fight
at the capitol.

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YOUR Priorities are MY Priorities

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100% Pro Life:

Growing up in rural Oklahoma, my parents instilled the value of life from an early age. Not only do I believe that life begins at conception and that life should be protected, I also believe that families should consider fostering and adoption, as my family has done for two generations. As a mother, I’ve seen the value of life from conception and as a former nursing home administrator and co-owner of a company that provides hospice care provider, I’ve come to understand the value of providing quality end of life care. Regardless of age, every life has value and every life should be protected; I will continue to fight for the right to life, as I have done in the past four years as your Senator.

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